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First Republic Bank
Job Summary
  • Skills Accounting, Developer, Development, Ecommerce, Exchange, GIT, Hadoop, ISO, JavaScript, Jenkins, MongoDB, Networking, NoSQL, PowerShell, Programming, QA, Ruby, Security, Software Engineer, SQL, SQL Server, TDD
  • Job Type
    Full Time
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  • Telecommuting
    Telecommuting not available Travel not required

Job Description

First Republic is an ultra-high-touch bank that provides extraordinary client service. We believe that one-on-one interactions build lasting relationships. We move quickly to serve our clients' needs so that their financial transactions are handled with ease and efficiency. Client trust and security are paramount in our line of business. Ultimately, our goal is unsurpassed client satisfaction which will lead to personal referrals - our number one source of new business. We recognize that our competitive advantage starts with our people and our culture. At First Republic, we work hard and move quickly as a very coordinated team. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow and contribute in a fun, fast-paced environment, First Republic is the place for you. We have exceptional people focused on providing extraordinary service. We're looking for a solid mid-level full-stack engineer with a focus on front-end technologies. In this position, you will work closely with architects, DevOps, QA, business users and other developers to implement features and resolve technical issues related to our product. You will also build and maintain tools and work on strategic projects. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate a passion for learning and will be an active participant in the development community. Responsibilities * Build and maintain code related to our core product. * Identify and establish expertise in an area of the codebase that provides value to the team--team members are encouraged to specialize and take ownership. * Collaborate with team members to arrive at processes and standards that adhere to industry best practices. * Assist with the support of the application. * Leverage your experience in helping us improve the product. Qualifications * Expertise in JavaScript: e.g. knowledge of `generators', isomorphic JavaScript, SPA architectures. * Experience with React, Node, Flux / mobx. * 2 - 5 years of contemporary experience building scale web applications in a managed language--preferably in .NET / .NET Core. Familiarity with `Gang of Four' patterns. * Experience working with relational databases like SQL Server and knowledge of NoSQL technologies: e.g. Cassandra, Redis, Hadoop, or MongoDB. * Knowledge of Publisher / Subscriber architectures: NServiceBus or Rebus. * Familiarity with multi-threading / asynchronous programming. * Experience with mobile web development. * Familiarity with MSMQ or RabbitMQ. * Experience with BDD or TDD. Familiarity with Moq, NUnit, Autofac, Mocha, Sinon, etc. * Experience (and comfort) with Git. * Developer level operations proficiency. Ability to set up a machine, knowledge of networking, familiarity with load balancers, hypervisors, CDNs, etc. * Comfortable working in an environment that uses programmable infrastructure--experience with Ruby and / or PowerShell a strong plus. * Experience with tooling: WinDBG, Perfmon, SysInternals, Fiddler, Chrome Developer Tools, Reflector, JetBrain's suite, SQL Profiler, etc. * Experience working with the Atlassian tools: Jenkins, Confluence, BitBucket, etc. * Practical knowledge and real world experience building secure applications--e.g. ISO 27001:2013, SSAE 18 SOC 2, etc. * Ecommerce experience at scale is a big plus. Knowledge of accounting would also be helpful. Mental/Physical Requirements: * The ability to learn and comprehend basic instructions; understand the meanings of words and respond effectively; and perform basic arithmetic accurately and quickly. * Vision must be sufficient to read data reports, manuals and computer screens. * Hearing must be sufficient to understand a conversation at a normal volume, including telephone calls and in person. * Speech must be coherent to clearly convey or exchange information, including the giving and receiving of assignments and/or directions. * Position involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time. * Must be able to travel in a limited capacity.
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